Claudiana "Claudia" Peacock' lives next door to Ace and is in the same class at school. Claudia is clever, tech savvy and actually really funny but one thing prevents anyone from realizing it - Claudia is allergic to almost everything and lives inside a giant plastic bubble. Claudia considers Ace to be her very best friend in the entire world and in truth, has a gigantic secret crush on him.

Some attributes
First Age: 12-14
Second Unknown
Third Unknown
Other attributes

Personality Edit

Claudia has many phobias including mysophobia the fear of germs, causing the germ free bubble around her.

Appearance Edit

She has purple hair, Black, round glasses Similar to aces, and a large bubble around her.

Trivia Edit

  • Her bubble is a reference to a film the boy in the bubble.
  • Her bubble is also similar to camerons From a cartoon network show Total drama revenge of the island and Total drama all-stars.
  • She has a crush on Ace as revealed in hulabaloon. this was reenforced in Be my freaky valentine, Hugo even stating that she's his perfect match.
  • She seems to like bunnies as she has 3 glass bunnies and a pet bunny.
  • She has a poster in her room behind the humbugs man poster resembling the title card for hullabaloon. The only differnces being ace isn't blushing.
  • She has multiple pictures of ace hidden in her books.