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• 1/9/2018

Hey, guys, let's add emojis on the wiki! 💡

I put 3 emoji videos on the wiki. If you have Chrome, Firefox or Opera, install EmojiOne from the Google Web Store, Add-ons for Firefox or Opera add-ons, the different way we use emojis on our smartphones and tablets. 🖥️💻📱
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• 8/23/2015

Get Ace Season 2 and What We Should Do

Get Ace was greenlit for a second season back in February. This is pretty big news. So, how has it not made it to the announcements board yet? The hard truth is... this wiki is a mess. Key pages are completely missing, most have little to no information, and people literally join, say it needs work, then don't do anything about it. It's hard work keeping a wiki up and running, but that's no excuse for lazy pages. We need to start working on getting it into shape.
First order of business should be to make sure all the major pages are strong or at least decent. That means: Main Page, Characters, Episodes, Ace's Braces, and Ace, Hugo, Ned, and Hilda's character pages.
If anyone knows how to record videos on the computer, we could really use the shorts that play at the end of every episode. They would be a very easy good quality way to breath new life into the wiki.
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